2023 / 2024 Programme

Wednesday 27th SEPTEMBER 2023

AGM followed by

Jim Livingston
Jim and his Archaeological Finds

Wednesday 25th OCTOBER

Peter Liddle
The Rutland Villa and its Remarkable Finds

Wednesday 22nd NOVEMBER

David and Chris Ditcham
My Grandfather's War 

Wednesday 6th DECEMBER

Christmas Party at the Chequers Inn

Wednesday 24th JANUARY 2024

Stephen Howarth
Ther Shetland Bus

Wednesday 28th FEBRUARY

Kathy Powis
The Mary Rose -- One moment in Time

Wednesday 27th MARCH

Bob Massey
Goose Fair

Wednesday 24th APRIL

Clive Rudd
Songs and Stories from the 60's

Wednesday 22nd MAY

Cresswell Crags tour

Wednesday 26th JUNE 

Sibthorpe Dovecote visit

Wednesday 24th JULY

Flintham Museum visit

No meeting in August